Friday, March 14, 2014

Hi! I'm Woodjie!

I was playing dough and it was fun.
I am seven.  My mom always calls me Woodjie.  I like Pokemon.  The Pokemon cards look cool and I have fifty cute ones. My favorite is Articuno.  He has wings and can use ice beam.
Articunos can use ice beam attack.


  1. Hi Woodjie!!

    I know your Mom, we talk every single day!! I hope that you have fun with your blog.
    You have a lot of Pokémon cards, Articuno looks like he means business. I like his shade of blue.

  2. Hello Woodjie, my name is River and I visit your Mom's blog.
    I know nothing about Pokemon. My grandson used to collect all the cards, but now he goes to work instead. He is 20 years old.

  3. Hello Woodjie welcome to blogland.

  4. Hello Woodjie. I am from Australia and love reading about your activities. Love your happy smile.

  5. My friends love Pokemon, too! Welcome to the blogosphere, Woodjie!


  6. Hi Woodjie! You have such a neat name. I hope you enjoy blogging! The squirrel lady ;) Rose